Marble vs Epoxy Services

When do you do marble restoration or cleaning?

On the other hand, marble cleaning is done regularly like two to three times a week. It doesn’t take a long time to clean marble tiles or benchtops. For heavy cleaning, it takes only a few hours. Marble restoration is done only when needed or at least once a year or once every two years. However, marble restoration can take a day or more depending on the damage and the restoration process involved. Marble cleaning is not expensive. In fact, you can clean your marble tiles regularly on your own. For this, there is no need for the marble tiles to be left alone or cordoned off. Do this to avoid damage and expensive repairs in the future! Marble restoration is more costly and requires a fair bit of planning. That’s why it should be left to the professionals. Hire the professional team of DrySteamPro for the best marble restoration services. For marble restoration, the area may need to be kept away from traffic. This means that your marble floors or bench tops can’t be used for a day or two until the restoration is complete. Marble cleaning can be done by the homeowner or a family member but marble restoration requires professional services. Only expert marble restorers can repair, replace, and restore your marble.

Where are epoxy floors located?

Marble Floor Polishing Restoration Weston Florida 003 An epoxy garage floor is ideal as a durable, hard-wearing floor solution, especially if there is an existing concrete floor. Applying an epoxy floor coating is what they specialize in and is one of their preferred flooring solutions. DrySteamPro can transform plain, dull-looking concrete surfaces with an epoxy floor coating that surely will impress. An epoxy floor coating is highly durable and has many colors and finish options suitable for concrete floors. The DrySteamPro team are experts in epoxy flooring, driveway, and concrete resurfacing. They advise on the best and most cost-effective solutions for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial needs regarding epoxy coatings. Epoxy floors are suitable for outdoor and indoor areas, especially high-traffic areas, as they are highly durable. As far as floor coatings go, they are super low maintenance.

Where can someone find some of our flooring work?

Our Staining & Polishing Team is composed of the industry’s most seasoned veterans and offers the most competitive rates. We work on high-quality concrete floor staining and polishing for basement concrete floors, concrete garage floors, hotels, motels, malls, grocery stores. We work in commercial office buildings, condominium complexes, apartment buildings, hospitals, medical clinics, large retail outlets, factories, manufacturing facilities, You’ll find our flooring in storage facilities, public/private schools, colleges, universities, and many other types of institutions.  
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