Tips For Patio Maintenance Concrete´s Floor


Every two or three years, reseal the container.  Re-sealing your concrete patio, like waxing a car, restores its luster to the day it was installed. Learn more about concrete patio sealing. Leaves and other debris should not be left lying around. Remove anything that could cause stains as soon as possible. Because concrete is porous, it can absorb dirt and debris. Use salt with caution.  Deicing salts, as well as rock salt from an ice cream maker, can wreak havoc on your patio’s sealer.  Build a shade structure. Not only will you be more comfortable outside in the summer, but UV protection will extend the life of decorative finishes and sealers. Saucers should be placed beneath potted plants. This will keep water out.


Most patio sealers last between 4 and 6 years. You should reseal if:
  • The surface has lost its sheen
  • Water soaks in rather than beading up
  • The finish shows sign of wear
The easiest way to reseal your concrete patio is to use the same product it was sealed with originally. Here are the steps:
  1. Remove any furniture, potted plants or other items
  2. Mask off anything that needs protection
  3. Clean your patio with soap and water
  4. Let the surface dry completely
  5. Lightly re-apply the same sealer used initially

1. Colored Concrete

Enhance your patio with subtle shades or dramatic hues

 2. Stamped Concrete

Use stamps to add texture to your concrete patio

3. Stained Concrete

Upgrade the look of new or existing patios with semi-transparent color

4. Stenciled Concrete

Add patterns to your patio with disposable stencils

5. Exposed Aggregate

Reveal the true beauty of decorative aggregates in your concrete

6. Engraved Concrete

Transform existing patios with special tools that cut patterns and designs
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