Is Your Carpet in Need of a Cleaning?

Dry Steam Pro

At Dry Steam Pro, we are experts in floor and carpet cleaning; we do deep cleaning and sanitizing to get rid of years of built up dirt/ mold and grime

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of dirt and grime, whether that’s in your outdoor area or inside the home.

Saturated dry steam

Saturated dry steam is when steam is brought to high temperatures, generally higher than 140° C. At these temperatures, steam has amazing sanitizing and deep cleaning properties.

Moreover, it offers ecological advantages such as the possibility to drastically reduce water and detergents consumption. Saturated dry steam is obtained with the aid of boilers operating at a pressure ranging from 6 to 10 bar and temperatures between 140° and 185° centigrade.

Dry Steam uses advantages



  • Fight allergies and diseases.

  • Kill germs & bacteria.

  • Protect your love from parasites

  • Reduce risk of accident

  • Reduce toxic waste.


  • Cut labor costs (30% less manpower)

  • Reduce water consumption (80% less water)

  • Reduce disposal costs (90% less detergent)

  • Improve quality inspection



  • improve health, safety and overall appearance of facility

  • Prevent handling of potentially harmful substances by employees

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Reduce dirt and dust particles in the air



  • Conserve water while reducing waste and pollution

  • Maintain an environmentally neutral workplace

  • Reduce chemical disposal

  • Prevent ground water contamination


Carpet Care 101 – How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Carpets?

There was a time when carpets seemed to be falling out of favor as a flooring choice. People seemed to be pulling up their carpeting in favor of tiles or other low maintenance flooring options, but thankfully carpets have made a resurgence. New materials, new manufacturing methods, and lower cost have enabled carpeting to take its right full place as a stylish and versatile flooring choice Once again. Carpeting provides a luxurious feel underfoot and aids in maintaining an even temperature – and it looks great. However, carpeting does require some effort as far as maintenance is concerned if it is to continue to look good throughout its lifetime. This is especially true if there are kids and pets in the home. Those who have chosen to install or stick with their carpeting are often challenged when it comes to how often a carpet should be cleaned. Here are some hints and tips to take the guesswork out of how to ensure that your carpeting remains a stylish choice – and a welcome part of your everyday home life. Vacuuming of carpets should take place on a weekly basis. Not only does this remove dust particles and the mites that feed off the dead skin that we all shed, but it can also deal with spores, mites, and other allergens. All of these can lead to health problems, especially if there are those in the home with respiratory problems. On the macro scale vacuuming once a week will also remove dirt particles before they have a chance to migrate through the pile of the carpet and begin to abraid fibers. This extends the lifetime of the carpet. Paying attention to vacuuming will also extend the period between professional deep cleaning – a process that is essential if the carpets are to maintain their pristine condition. The schedule changes slightly when there are children and/or pets in the home. High traffic areas are especially susceptible to dirt and pet hair/dander (tiny flakes of skin shed by your pet). If there are kids and pets then the carpet cleaning schedule should include two vacuuming sessions a week. Light-colored carpets can be a challenge. Although they are immensely attractive they tend to show dirt and stains far more easily than darker colored variants. Light-colored carpets may require the attention of a professional carpet cleaning company on a regular basis. failure to use the services of a company like this may result in permanent damage to the carpet or stains that are extremely difficult to remove. Any stations should be dealt with immediately, spills should be cleaned as they happen and vacuuming once a week remains essential. However, in the case of light-colored carpets, a professional carpet cleaning company should be brought in every six months – especially if there are pets and children involved. So, if you want your carpets and rugs to look and smell good, want to enjoy a home free from particles and allergens that may have adverse health effects or simply want to protect your investment and make sure that your home looks great to take some time to pay attention to your carpeting – and call in the professionals at least every six months to ensure that the carpeting is deep-down clean.

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