About Steam

Why Steam?

Why Steam?

The use of saturated dry steam dramatically reduces water consumption in all domestic and industrial cleaning activities. the news technologys gets excellent cleaning and sanitizing results saving up to 100 times in washing water, significantly contributing to its conservation.

Saturated dry steam

We could say that saturated dry steam is simply steam brought to high temperatures, generally higher than 140° C. At these temperatures, steam has amazing sanitizing and deep cleaning properties. Moreover, it offers ecological advantages such as the possibility to drastically reduce water and detergents consumption. Saturated dry steam is obtained with the aid of boilers operating at a pressure ranging from 6 to 10 bar and temperatures between 140° and 185° centigrade.

Dry Steam uses advantages



  • Fight allergies and diseases.

  • Kill germs & bacteria.

  • Protect your love from parasites

  • Reduce risk of accident

  • Reduce toxic waste.


  • Cut labor costs (30% less manpower)

  • Reduce water consumption (80% less water)

  • Reduce disposal costs (90% less detergent)

  • Improve quality inspection



  • improve health, safety and overall appearance of facility

  • Prevent handling of potentially harmful substances by employees

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Reduce dirt and dust particles in the air



  • Conserve water while reducing waste and pollution

  • Maintain an environmentally neutral workplace

  • Reduce chemical disposal

  • Prevent ground water contamination

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