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Marble is a natural stone that can liven up a space as no other material could. Marble Floors Restoration Polishing Weston Miami Florida Stone surfaces can add a touch of elegance and radiance to a room without overspending. It can make a room look like a million dollars! If you have marble floors or marble benchtops, it is essential to know the difference between cleaning and restoration. Then when the need arises, you know which service to seek. In any case, DrySteamPro can consult with you to meet your marble polishing or restoration needs. These two processes are vital to keeping a marble’s long-lasting shine. Without proper cleaning and natural stone restoration processes, your marble tiles will fade and discolor. Keep your floors and other surfaces from losing their beauty and splendor by hiring the services of a marble restoration company.

Differences between both processes

Aside from the obvious, there is a big difference in the process when it comes to marble cleaning and restoration. Stone cleaning involves the regular maintenance of marble by wiping, sweeping, mopping, polishing, and sealing. Some of the materials and tools needed are a broom, mop, clean cloth, and a cleaning agent. You will also have to use a vacuum cleaner, polisher, marble sealant, and of course a marble polish. It is highly recommended that this is done on a regular basis like once or twice a week. The sealing process is exempt from this rule as you only need to do this onc e or twice a year. Restoration, however, is different from marble cleaning because it is the process of fixing damage to the marble. It usually involves fixing cracks and chips, replacing broken marble tiles, and fixing discolored marble bringing them back to life. You might spend some time removing everything from scratches to etching and marble stains as well. These activities require the use of many tools and objects. Some include sandpaper, electric sander, polisher, ammonia, among others. You will also be needing detergent powder, grout, and cleaning agents in order to complete marble restoration. Similar to marble cleaning, you will make use of cleaning agents, marble polish, and marble sealant in the work. Both marble restoration and cleaning can be tricky complex procedures. They require professional hands to do the work. Have the work of marble cleaning and restoring done by a team of professionals. Hire a marble restoration company. Hire DrySteamPro as your marble contractor for the best results on the market.
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